In this post I will show you how you can add TEZ options to your Hive ODBC connection and thus your RODBC queries in R. Hive only a few years ago was rare occurrence in most corporate data warehouses, but these days Hive, Spark, Tez, among others open source data warehouses are all the buzz in the corporate world and data analysts need to adapt to this changing world.

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As R turns 25 years old this year, I thought it would only be appropriate to thank the creators of R, Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, as well as the R global community for changing my life. I started learning R in 2014 because I was tired at how SAS had become like a curmudgeon old monopoly rather than a true innovator. But I guess that is what happens to companies with a first mover advantage; they get complacent and feel invincible.

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